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  • Creating effective mission and vision statements starts with asking questions

    Creating effective mission and vision statements starts with asking questions

    0 comments Published Oct 8, 15 PM

    Just about every nonprofit has both a mission and a vision statement. They are seen on websites and brochures and required in grant applications. Ask anyone at a nonprofit, and they will either be able to recite the mission and vision statements or at least tell you where to find them. Yet, very often, creating [...]

  • Assessing brand value

    Assessing brand value

    0 comments Published Aug 9, 15 PM

    Corporations spend considerable time and money to assess their brand value. Brand value can give insight into overall profit potential, customer loyalty and whether or not investors would be willing to invest capital in the corporation. Within the nonprofit sector, leaders often don’t give much thought to their brand value and most don’t think it [...]

  • The Importance of Nonprofit Branding

    The Importance of Nonprofit Branding

    0 comments Published Apr 11, 09 AM

    In a recent re-branding project with a fairly large and long-established organization, it was clear that only a handful of people within the organization really understood what a “brand” is. While their staff and board members could grasp the “Nike” brand, they were having difficulty understanding why a nonprofit organization needed a brand. After decades [...]

  • Adopting National Branding (for Nonprofits)

    Adopting National Branding (for Nonprofits)

    0 comments Published Apr 11, 08 AM

    For the most part, when people hear the names American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Boys and Girls Clubs and Girl Scouts, there is pretty quick recognition as to what these organizations do. Finding people who have never heard of these organizations or don’t know the purpose they serve in communities would be a challenge. [...]

  • Nonprofit Tagline Basics

    Nonprofit Tagline Basics

    0 comments Published Sep 6, 16 PM

    (Our articles are published in partnership with the Philanthropy Journal.) Most often, nonprofits develop new taglines as a result of one of the following events: A rebranding, an anniversary or milestone celebration, the launch of a new fundraising campaign, or the hiring of a new marketing manager or executive director. Of these reasons for a [...]

  • The Guerilla-Style Brand Audit

    The Guerilla-Style Brand Audit

    0 comments Published May 2, 14 PM

    If your nonprofit’s brand isn’t consistent, or if you just have a gut feeling that things may not be right, it may be time to talk branding with the decision-makers at your organization. Instead of pulling your hair out because fellow staffers just don’t get why you can’t print your logo in a different color [...]

  • Does Your Nonprofit Need a New Logo? (Or Maybe Even a New Name?)

    Does Your Nonprofit Need a New Logo? (Or Maybe Even a New Name?)

    0 comments Published Apr 16, 01 AM

    Too often, nonprofit organizations wait far too long before changing a logo that is well overdue for either a makeover or a complete change. The reluctance to change is understandable, but in many cases it is not warranted. Here is a check list to jump start the conversation at your organization: Are staff members reluctant [...]

  • From Nonsense to Sensible Messaging

    From Nonsense to Sensible Messaging

    0 comments Published Apr 15, 05 AM

    Do you know what “nonprofit speak” is? It is when nonprofits start talking their own language that no one else understands. When you spend your working days writing grants for funding programs that will solve problems that cause you sleepless nights, there’s no wonder nonprofit folks start speaking this way. Your nonprofit deserves better—it deserves [...]

  • Branding Challenge: When Nonprofits Merge

    Branding Challenge: When Nonprofits Merge

    0 comments Published Apr 14, 23 PM

    Nonprofit mergers have always been a fairly regular occurrence. But with more challenging economic times, even more nonprofits are surviving – and thriving – by merging with like-minded organizations. While the economic climate may be tough, the climate may be even tougher in the board room, where the question “whose name do we keep?” is [...]